candy cruel and sexy

lov is that i found this amaze wes anderson hardcover film book at the bookstore and it was the last one but i put it back cos i bought a present for my sweet instead and have to save the rest

ill be in aussie in less than a month :0

brent's gf has the same name as me and you are so much more beautiful than her (duh)

I honestly think a requirement to be on the show is to have a mediocre looing partner.. sarah, andy, brent.. wtf! Alice and her boy were cute if i remember

OMG hope u watch the MasterChef finale instead of being sad, Brent's gf is a barbie doll and it's predicable but still so good, I cried

Why would u bring up his gf :(

3 is my least favorite numebr

I didnt say thank you cos the girl is not cute I think Ijust needed to hear someone say it reasons I cant discuss

Wait one more thing I just called my sis down at 2aam and said Hello darling tell me who is prettier will you and showed her this tagged/me and she said me and I said youre done and she went upstairs andI did a sigh

Now bye for real!

Im still so mad connor from yahoo answers said i was overreacting.. Ridiculous 

You’ve hurt my feelings.. Bye!

Mum said i could win the bachelor easy if i was “less weird’ I am going to do it and when he gets on the knee im going to lecture him about how fucked up the theory of the show is

How I feel: 

how do i find confidence? also best wine?

you find confidence through wine. all kinds. red

Is that picture only posers fall in love from a movie?? If so what movie ? pls :~)

Slc punk.. its not that good of a movie just average but hters a sad part that made me cry cos I love love

I cant believe the “I cant believe youre in love”