candy cruel and sexy

don’t go out with me. i will take you to eat unhealthy grilled food. i will encourage you to smoke. we will stay up till 1 am

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listen, how do you have so much confidence? sometimes i think im beautiful but sometimes i cant look in the mirror. serious question. thank you!

i dont! sometimes i feel it sometimes i cry cos i dont feel pretty enough! u are beautiful! if i stop telling myself i am so beautiful i will have bad ed again i am so sure of it.. something i gotta do!


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lily donaldson for 10 magazine, spring 2005 

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Sayaka Yoshino + Kishin Shinoyama
- 篠山 紀信 Shinoyama Kishin

Anna Ewers in “Rebel Flower” for V #91 Fall 2014, photographed by Willy Vanderperre

magdalena f. at kenzo f/w 2010-11, backsage

  Josh Reim - Bad Music for Good People AW14

"paradise lost" gemma ward by nick knight for i-D, october 2005

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the boy cries u a sweater of tears… n u kill him

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Lara Stone / 1999


i stepped into a room of clocks that all told different times